When Silence Speaks

  The only light that floated across Hakeem’s room was that from a lamp on a table nearby and from the hallway, broken into different directions by the figure standing at the door. Hakeem stared at his likely harbinger of death point a gun at him. He wasn’t fazed by this. He sat on his bed,leaned backwards with his arms wide apart behind him on the bed and his legs crossed at the ankles on the plain red carpet beneath him.    “What do you think you are doing little one?” He said.

    “You think killing me would bring back your mother?! Well it won’t! Please send me to meet her in hell,she has been calling for her king.”

   Hakeem laughed at what he just said. He wasn’t in his right senses. Not too far from the bed was a table piled up with bags of cocaine, some open with their contents spread across the table. On his nostrils were white dust from the sessions of sniffing he had not too long before he had to stagger to the bed as someone badged into his room with a gun. He knew who this was. It was his daughter.

   “You!” She said. Her name was Zafira. Her eyes were filled with tears as she held the gun directly at him with both hands.

   “You treated me and ma like slaves. You screwed I and her continuously like we were sex pigs and not your blood.”

 Her voice was cracking at this moment,her words somewhat broken by sobs.

   “And then, because of all this nonsense..”she said, pointing at the narcotic-filled table. “You took her life away. You are right papa. Hell is calling you. And I will deliver.”

   She engaged the pistol. Gun shot. Zafira fell to the floor.
     Hakeem got involved into drugs and gang life in the university. Initially it was all for the joy ride,to just get high,have the most power on campus and throw the sickest parties hardly imaginable. He was school and street smart. So were most of his partners. So it wasn’t hard for them to graduate and fit into street life which was where they wanted to be. They got introduced to a drug cartel who used them for various dangerous errands involving smuggling narcotics and assassinating threats. 

   Some did well. Some lost their lives to death and prison. But Hakeem…Hakeem was excelling brilliantly. He became a favorite among most and when he saw that he had some sort of command, he started to rally against those in position of authority. When he had gotten a lot of followers, he successfully overthrew and killed all in power and took over as the head of one of the most notorious illegal drug organizations,the Green Disciples.

   To the outside world,he appeared innocent,calm and collected. He played the gentleman card to trap unsuspecting women into the sex ring he decided to run alongside the drug business he obtained by coup. Rukayyat, a 15 year old who ran away from home and became a prostitute, was one of such preys and she quickly became an obsession of Hakeem. He actually loved her; but Hakeem had a twisted way of showing his love. He made her his personal satisfaction machine and never gave her to be sold to strangers like the other ladies.

    “At least you don’t have to worry about STD’s” he would say as he scattered his best narcotic products over her naked body,sniff it off her and rape her. What made him fall in love with her was the way “white dust” looked magnificent on her body. Drugs had made a very harmful psychological impact on his brain and he wasn’t stopping it anytime soon.

   After constant raping,Rukayyat became pregnant. Normally Hakeem would order its abortion, but because she begged him and he loved her, he let her have the child.

   Years went by, Hakeem became more notorious, his rap sheet and police records were pilling up and his drug and sex businesses were booming. All these gave gangsters respect and power, and so Hakeem was at the top of the food chain. He bought everything for Rukayyat and his child, Zafira, but never let them cross the gates of the large estate he had to himself.

   When Zafira, the only child Rukayyat was allowed to give birth to,grew to be about 14 years old,Hakeem started to see anew what he was able to see only in Rukayyat before; the perfect body for cocaine art. And he didn’t care if she was his daughter. He just loved the white stuff and would pursue any means that seemed best to enjoy it. He did exactly what he did to Rukayyat,to Zafira, his own creation. He even began to fancy her better than her mother and sessions with her became often. Maybe it was because she was younger, maybe it was because she was a little more obedient than her mother. Hakeem didn’t care, but there is only so much a mother can bear.

    On a certain evening,while Hakeem was making art with cocaine and Zafira’s body in the special sex room he made 15 years ago for Rukayyat, the door swung open. Hakeem turned,with cocaine on his nose as Zafira lay face down on a tear-soaked pillow. Hakeem struggled too get down the bed and walked in the manner of a drunkard to his wife who stood at the door looking at him like a woman scorned and tired of the nonsense she had to deal with over the years.

    “This has to stop Hakeem” she said as he stood in front of her using the door as a support.

    “Hakeem for 16 years I have been loyal to you. I have let you defile me in ways so demeaning and disrespectful I wouldn’t have thought for once in my life, even while I was a prostitute, I would ever experience.”

   Her anger began to express in tears.

    “Please this is my daughter. Our daughter. Your own flesh and blood Hakeem. I beg you,please stop doing this to her, let her see a better life than this. Take me instead. I have all she has and even experience. Please I beg you.”

   Hakeem sniffed to get rid of the itch of the drugs still on his nose. He left the door he had been supporting on and staggered to a drawer at the other end of the room.

    “Hakeem please are you listening to me?!” Rukayyat said with so much sadness and anger mixed together,

    Hakeem opened the drawer and brought out a gun.

     “So you think there is a life better than this huh?!” He said,staring at the wall behind the drawer. 

   He turned towards Rukayyat and walked up to her while playing with the gun the only way a skilled gunman would dare.

    Rukayyat was scared to death,but she held her facial expression,trying to put up a hopeless fight against someone who had overpowered her for so many years.

   “You know what you are doing is wrong Hakeem” she said “look at her” she pointed at her clotheless daughter still laying on the bed faced down.

    “Will you screw her till she is pregnant and gives you another child for you to do the same thing you did to her and I? Please Hakeem, let her have proper education and live a life. Let her…”

    Hakeem had shot Rukayyat in the head.

   “Guards!” He screamed “come clean this mess at my door.”

   He threw the gun to a table beside the door and turned towards the bed where Zafira lay, terrified to death about what she knew just happened.

    “You see the thing about women is” Hakeem started “you make them feel irreplaceable and they start to think you can’t put a bullet in their brain!”

   He started walking towards the bed.

  “But I have to give it to her,” Hakeem sniffed again to get rid of the itch on his nose again, “she was a magnificent piece of art until you matured into what I see right now” 

   He ran his index finger across her body while she sobbed continuously. He removed his trousers and climbed on top of her.
 Zafira was in her room crying profusely. This time it wasn’t because of the incest committed by her father on her. She just lost her mother, and worst still, to a pig who she gave her loyalty to for such a long time. 

  All of a sudden her sadness boiled into anger. She picked up her phone and made a long phone call. When she was done, she went to meet Scipio, an Italian hitman hired by the green disciples long ago before Hakeem arrived, became Hakeem’s right hand man after Hakeem took over and served as the father Zafira never experienced. 

   They discussed in whispers at length,filtering away every loophole in the plan they had been cooking up for a long time before then. It was a simple enough plan,but most of the talk was on second thoughts, regrets and consequences on the part of Zafira. Scipio was always prepared,ready to take any consequence that follows. He had gotten enough of drugs and how Hakeem treated people around him, especially his family. 

   But today, Zafira has no second thoughts. She was mentally prepared for whatever happens and gave the go ahead for the plan to kick into action.

   Before she left the room where Hakeem sexually assaulted her,she picked up the gun he had dropped on the table, and this was what she held as walked briskly to Hakeem’s room,looking around for any guards aside Scipio. 

   When she got to the door, she took a moment to stare hard at the door like she was able to see through it. She then pulled on the handle and opened the door. Quickly she used her second hand to support the gun and fix it on a Hakeem who was staggering from the table to the bed where he sat.

   She engaged the pistol. Gun shot. Zafira fell to the floor.

    “Hey boss, are you ok?” Scipio asked as Hakeem stood up to pat the shoulders of his saviour.

   “I am fine” Hakeem said as he struggled to gain balance using scipio’s shoulder as support. He wasn’t thinking straight. The amount of drugs he had taken into his system that day was so much that he couldn’t see that Zafira wasn’t bleeding while she lay stil on the floor. Scipio made use of blancs instead of bullets on Zafira as planned earlier.

  “Everything is fine” Scipio reported into the radio to calm the other guards who became alert at the sound of the gun.

    “We have to get out of here” Scipio turned to Hakeem “Zafira notified the police of everything. Apparently the kid got guts. We can’t save all the guards. We’ll leave them for the police.”

   “Ok ok.” Hakeem said as he went up to his table and got a bag of cocaine to take with him. Scipio picked the still body of Zafira from the floor and hung her over his shoulders as they all went to the garage. He put her in the bonnet while he and Hakeem took the front seats with Scipio driving against the will of Hakeem who tried to get in the driver’s seat.

   They drove to the gate. Hakeem waved a finger lazily to the gate men signaling them to open the gate,which they did. After driving for some distance, Scipio stopped and parked by the side of the road.

    “What are you doing Scip?!”Hakeem asked in a weak voice.

    “I want to take a piss, I will be right back” Scipio replied. He got out of the car and went to a nearby bush to do his supposed business. The plan was to go round the car and kill Hakeem silently without too much noise attracting anyone nearby.

    All of a sudden, a fleet of police cars were on the scene. They surrounded both Scipio and the car. Policemen quickly jumped out and grabbed Scipio before he could make any moves. Hakeem tried to open the door of the car to run, but he was too stoned to lift his arms properly. They helped him open the door, and as soon as he dropped to the floor,they handcuffed him.

    “Its over Hakeem!” The head of the police crew said as they lifted Hakeem off the ground. “Right now dozens of policemen have swarmed your estate to round up every thug and piece of filth you own, all of which will be used against you in court alongside the recorded confession of your daughter Zafira. We have enough evidence to put you away for life.”

   Hakeem laughed “No problem. Prison is just another ground for me to build an empire.”

    “Take him away!” The head of police commanded.

   They put Hakeem in a police car and drove away. The sergeant then went to where Scipio, who was confused about the turn around of the situation,was bundled up. At this time, sure that Hakeem was gone because she couldn’t bear to see his face,Zafira stepped out of the bonnet and walked towards a tied down Scipio. 

   “Zafira!” Scipio exclaimed.

   “I thought the plan was to kill him here and run away. You pretended to be dead so that no one would bother looking for you when it was done. What is all this?!”

    “I’m sorry papa” Zafira said “you committed crimes as worse as my father and even did them alongside him. These crimes demand justice, ma thought me that and that is what they will get. I told the police about our plan because I didnt want a man’s blood on my hand as that would make me as bad as the devil that birthed me. So I teamed up with them and gave them every bit of information needed to bring everything down. I’m sorry pa.” 

   Scipio snarled at her and tried breaking free of the policemen that held him.

   “I became a father to you. I tried to even take the fall for you in this and you betray me like this?! You just cut your life short young lady. I will be your death.”

   Without being allowed to speak further, Scipio was thrown into the back of the police car and was driven away.

    “Dont you worry a bit” the police man tried to assure her “we will protect you with our very best.”

   Zafira didn’t speak a word for some time and just stood still. 

   “You can’t protect me” she finally spoke “even among some of these your officers, there are traitors working for Hakeem. They would kill me anytime soon. Even if I run, I have no proper education, no friends, no mother…absolutely nothing to hold on to” 

    She brought out the pistol she used in threatening Hakeem moments ago which she stuffed in her trousers and pointed it at her head. Every police man around tried to calm her down from doing what she was about to do.

   “I have no reason to stand here alive” she said “I want to meet my mother.” 

  Those were the final words Zafira made before she put a bullet through her head, and ended her life.

2 thoughts on “When Silence Speaks

  1. steph

    your story was quiet interesting and ended quiet unexpectedly. i most also commend ur use of grammar it was quiet superb. i most also comment on d peom from the third semester website i quiet enjoyed it. keep it up.

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