Midnight Shenanigans.

Its 2:17am.
We can hear the fan of the air conditioner hum as we lay quiet in white sheets, the movie “Me Before You” playing on the television which rests on the wall right in front of the bed.

I am wearing a black t-shirt and grey shorts, right palm behind my head, thinking about the perfect moment to sneak its arm below your neck to get you to be much closer to me, to get your body pressing against mine.

You wear an ash singlet, no bra on, revealing just enough for me to know your perky breasts wouldn’t be able to fit in my palms without some spilling out. Your black jean bum shorts stop just at your butt crease, leaving a lot of your clear fair skinned thighs to display, while I wonder what sort of underwear you have underneath. Is it a red lacy thong? A black G-String? The type that runs from the waistband behind, down your “butt crack”, your peach-like butt cheeks almost swallowing it whole, until it gets to the angle where your labia majora starts, the fabric fanning out to cover just enough of what matters most.

I realise you lean in a little closer, I can feel the warmth of your skin now. Was it just to adjust yourself or was it a signal that I had taken too long to try to get intimate with you?

Either way, it was now or never. Worst case scenario, you resist and decline my advances, and we watch the movie to the end.

In one deft move, I take my arm from under my head and try to slip it between your head and your pillow. You lift yourself up a bit to help me, and now your neck rests on my right arm, my fingers meeting the skin of your arm.

Almost like you could read my mind, you move in closer. Now I can feel your breasts on my side. I zone out, not aware of what is going on in the movie anymore, and I know it was the same with you, because ever since my fingers kissed your arms your gaze has not been steady, and each breath you take has gotten slightly slower and deeper, because you want the same thing I want at that moment.

I notice your leg move. You place it on top of mine, and you move your soft foot slowly over my leg, the feel of your breasts on my side much stronger, your head resting on my chest and your arm on my belly.

I move my free arm and run my palm over your thigh, going from your knee, to your mid-thigh, back to your knee, then higher up your thigh, my fingers slipping into your bum shorts, softly grazing the sides of your labia, then slipping out and softly grazing the angle your butt makes with your thighs. I notice you take a breath deeper than usual. Was it because of what I just did or was it the feel of the bulge of my enlarging penis against your skin.

I raise myself from the bed and slowly put you on your back, my body hanging over yours, my eyes locked with yours. I can tell you can see the murderous intent they carry towards you, how much I want to fill up your tiny little hole, which made you smile and bite your lips.

I smile as well and slowly lean in close, first touching your nose with mine. I part my lips a little, same as yours, and let my soft, moist lips run over yours and close together to make a kiss. I withdraw a little, wait till you try to take a breath, then I cut you short, taking my lips back to yours, stealing your breath.

We kiss slowly and softly, registering the warmth of our lips, its feel. Your lips are so soft on mine, I can already tell I enjoy kissing you, I don’t know when I bite your lower lip softly, dragging it a bit, then releasing it. I was running on autopilot now.

As we have the most beautiful of exchanges, I place my palms in yours, and like reflex, you fold your fingers into mine.

I gently move my lips away from yours, to the side of your neck. I can tell what the warm air from my mouth does to you; you tighten your grip on my fingers.
I kiss your neck, and like a shoot of electricity your body moves, wanting to run away but wanting more of it.

I take one of my hands and place it on your neck, just below your jaw, almost like I was about to choke you. I kiss your neck some more, short enough to not linger on a spot for too long and long enough to leave my lip print on you, sometimes biting the skin of your neck a little, each bringing about a more intense reaction; your toes curls, shoulders raise, fists clench, and you place your hand to my head, almost like you want to whisper to me how well I am doing at turning you on.

Hand still on your neck, I move back to your lips and kiss them, this time a little faster than before, a little aggressively than before. I release my other hand from your grip and take it underneath your singlet, palm slowly moving over your belly until they find your breasts.

I run my finger slowly around your areola, still kissing you, then run it round and on top of your nipple, till I feel it push against my finger and it becomes hard. Then I use as much palm as I can to grab your breast, squeezing them gently first, releasing, then squeezing a little harder. They feel so soft and full in my palms, I probably will not use this hand for any other thing!

I sit up, removing my shirt and exposing my skin and body. The room is cold. I couldn’t wait to get you to feel it, and then warm you up, but I will savour the moment and take my time with you, I am in no need to rush a masterpiece like you. I sit you up as well, removing your singlet and lying you back down.
I get down from you, from the bed, and place our tops on the rest of the chair across the room. I notice you looking at me, I look back at you, taking in your body’s architecture. It is a work of art, it is such a pity that I am about to ruin it.
I see you biting your lips, looking at me so invitingly, as you grab one of your breasts, also a very inviting sight. I smile and press a few buttons on the remote on the table. Good For You by Selena Gomez and Asap Rocky starts playing.


I turn off the bedroom light, only light in the room coming from the television that we just realised had been on the whole time.

I walk slowly towards the bed with strong carnal intent, your body can feel the sexual desire in the air sky rocket.

I get on top of you again, this time not wasting time to grab hold of your neck and kiss you like a lover I had not seen in ages.

I kiss your neck.

I kiss your chest, at the space between both your fine breasts.

My left hand fondling your left breast, I take my lips to your right breast, make sure my tongue is wet enough, and slowly run it over your nipple. Your reaction tells me I am doing the right thing. I then make slow, gentle, circular motions around your nipple and areola, before finally clasping them between my lips and sucking on them.

I start slow and gentle, later becoming just a little fast and aggressive, putting a little bit more of your breast into my mouth now and then, until none can get in anymore, my right hand holding onto the rest.

I bite your breasts gently, and bite it again, this time a bit harder, I suck on it, my tongue running over your nipple while I do so, I bite it again, then I suck on it, run my tongue around, every thing engineered to follow the rhythm of the song that seemed so distant in the background.

I move my mouth to your left breast, repeating almost everything that conspired between my mouth and your right breast, leaving no spot untouched.

I move to your belly, kissing it slowly and gently, going downwards to your honeypot, until I meet the resistance of your jean. I stop to unbutton your short, the light in the room enough for me to see the pleasure in your eyes.

I drag down your shorts, revealing your red, lacy thong. I smiled. I could feel my testosterone spike. The red went so well with the tone of your fair skin, and you could never go wrong with lacy thongs with me. As much as I wanted to leave it on, I had a job to do, so I pulled it down as well.

The moment it left your ankles I held it in my palm, brought it to my nose, and took a long sniff of it, all the while keeping eye contact with you, which I could see both weirded you out and turned you on. I loved the scent of it. A part of it was wet, and its smell told me it was alright to go ahead with what I was about to do next.

I drop the underwear on the pillow beside your head, went on to raise both your legs and moved my head down to your cookie jar.

I first made it aware of my presence by breathing warm air on it. I see I made you aware of my presence as well with how heavy you breath in.

I then use the tip of my tongue to find the clitoris, licking it gently first, because I cannot just barge into a house, I must introduce myself and be welcomed as it rises.

At this point, Get It On Tonite by Montell Jordan is playing, and all I have to do is let my tongue dance to its beat while you give the most satisfying of vocals.

My tongue was moving up, down, up, up, down, up, clockwise, half way clockwise, anti-clockwise, a strong, slow up. Draw a letter A, O, P, Q, H, H, A again, Q again, up, down, up, up, down, another strong, slow up, and suck. Repeat.

My tongue was having the time of its life on your clitoris, and your body loved every bit of it, your legs curling on my back, your hand reaching out to the top of my head, dragging it, one would almost think you were in agony.

As it intensifies, I take two fingers and slip them slowly into your vagina, my tongue still doing what it does best. I start by slowly taking them in back and forth, the speed increasing with the rate at which your body begs for air, until it finally gave in and you pulled away from me, your body trembling as you fold like a shivering coward.

I get up, open a drawer not too far from the bed, and bring out a condom. I take down my grey shorts and briefs underneath, finally allowing the engorged, red penis out.

You turn around and watch me stroke it, my palm slowly running over its length, as I walk towards you.

I get to the foot of the bed close to where you’re laid. You take your hand to the tip of my penis first, then run through its length, almost like you were inspecting and registering all you felt and saw. You bite your lips, look up at me, then took your mouth to its tip.

Tongue first, introducing itself, I could feel my heart beat jump, it was electric. Then you held it in your mouth with your lips and sucked on it slowly, almost feeling like I was in your vagina already.

You move your mouth away, pour a little saliva and proceed to gobble my penis down your throat, sometimes almost going the whole length, which made you choke and your eyes water. Sometimes you would withdraw and use your tongue to lick the penis from top to bottom, bottom to top. You were so good at this.

I stop your beautiful work and slip on the condom. Nothing Without You by The Weeknd is playing now.

I part your legs and get close to you. I use my penis to rub over your labia majora, attempting to build anticipation. You fold your lips, almost like you wanted to order me to put it in.

I stick the tip into the opening of your vagina, slow initially, making you moan so softly, then quickly filling your insides with it full length, making you let out a loud, stifled moan.

Your insides are so flooded and slippery.

I let you get used to the feel of it in you, while I lean towards your face and we start to kiss. Soon I start thrusting slowly, barely removing any length, still allowing you to adjust and adapt, and setting the foundation for everything to come. I place my palm in yours, just in case you needed to hold onto something for the ride, and like reflex again, your fingers fold into mine.

I start to thrust a little faster, we could hear the slimy sound your vagina made with every entry, which made us smile a little.

I start to go faster, not going too deep at first, then I take out the length of my penis down to the tip and slam it right back into you, making you leave a loud moan to fill the room. Now I am going faster and very deep. We are in full throttle at this point, my penis going in and out of you like a machine gun.

I lift your legs and pin them to your sides in one deft move, while still dicking you down. Now you feel the penis in all its girth and length, rubbing and grazing the inside of you, along the walls of your slimy, greasy, wet vagina.

It gets a little overwhelming, you start to look for anything to hold on to. First you reach out to the sheets, squeezing them tightly in your hands, then you reach out to the headboard. Now your heart rate is going high, your breathing is fast, and your moans are louder and less interrupted. You almost feel like your soul is about to leave you. But no, you were only about to orgasm.

You push me away trembling, almost like you are in seizure, seems almost like the first one, but this is more intense.

“Don’t be a coward. Come here!” I say to you, dragging you towards me, putting you on all fours.

I put my penis in again and start slowly, building up momentum. The sound of my pelvis hitting your beautiful butt and your moans are music to my ears. I take both your hands behind you and pull your body up, leaving your knees as your only support as I now ram and toil with your insides. You seem to enjoy this position, because you begin to sound out loud the cliché “yes! Right there!”.

I go in, and out, and in, and out, release your hands and pin your chest to the bed in such a way that your butt remains faced up. I slip a pillow underneath to make it comfortable, and then I proceed to give you the product of the carnal intent you saw in my eyes earlier. This position gives me the view to see how wet you had gotten; everything was white, wet and slimy…and I loved it.

Soon afterwards, you have a third orgasm. This one leaves you weaker than the first and second, you ask me to give you a minute to catch your breath.

I turn you around, kiss you gently on the lips for a few seconds, and put my penis into you again, making sure you felt every bit of its hardness along your vaginal walls.

I start by giving slow, shallow thrusts, then slow, deep thrusts, so every entry leaves you without breath.

Then I start to give you fast, shallow thrusts, the type where you want to moan but you try to hold it back so it comes out like you are about to cry. But I wasn’t having any of that. I want to hear you moan, and say yes, and right there as loud as you should. So I start to take my thrusts deep and fast, making you give me all I want to hear.

I could feel the tension in me start to build, and your moans tell me you are almost there again. I have to last long enough to make sure you get there.

I set up mental walls to help stall the inevitable and wait till I could hear your moans distinctively tell me “I am about to cum”, after which I pull down the mental walls, give off a few jerk-like movements and deep gasps of air and collapse onto your body.

Your breasts feel so beautiful against my chest, they could almost give me an immediate boner, but man’s body isn’t allowed to do that.

You use your hands to massage my head and my back, almost like I am your child. I am still breathing heavily. It was such a beautiful thing what just happened.

I finally muster the strength to move to my side of the bed and remove the defiled condom atop my penis. I keep it in a nylon besides me because I am too lazy to leave the bed.

You come towards me, placing your arms and legs around me. You are obviously happy. We look at each other and laugh, then you rest your head on my chest and looking at the television, you realise the movie has ended. You don’t care anyway, you are too happy and tired to care. Your body has been pumped with oxytocin, so nothing could bother you at this moment.

“Junior! Junior!”

I stand up quickly from my bed, realising that my mother had probably poured a gallon of water on me to wake me up.

“What were you dreaming about? Why is that your thing standing like that? and it is even wet!” My mother exclaimed.

“No mommy, it’s the weather, it happens normally when the morning is cold.” I reply in my defence.

“This is 2’oClock in the afternoon so what are you saying?” My mother replied. “Only God knows what you have been doing with all that internet that makes you keep pressing your phone like an idiot!”

Hei! How did I sleep for this long kwanu?

“Before I open my eyes and close it you are in the kitchen helping Amaka pound the yam we will eat for lunch!” She commanded.

Before she could even finish her sentence, I had already galloped to the kitchen to help my sister, ignoring the “anuofia” my mother threw at me while I went.

“What is remaining?” I ask on getting to the kitchen.

“I haven’t started yet o!” Amaka replied. “I just gathered the yams now. Let me peel them so you will help and pound them, since you are the one with the “big akpa obi””.

She realised what had happened to my shorts and chuckled, trying to hide her amusement.

“What is it?!” I ask vehemently.

“Nothing o!” She retorted, letting out another restricted chuckle.

“Better respect yasef!” I reply almost angrily, my thick Igbo accent slipping out.

“Sorry o!” She replied as she started to peel the yams, doing a bad job at hiding how funny it was to her.

Chai! See what this Chidimma of a girl and her big breasts has put me into now. Come and give me, she won’t give me. Now I collected inside dream and I will not hear the last of it in this house. Nna eh Konji na bastard!

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  1. MariaN

    Lovely. You’re a great writer. It’s nice how your write ups are easy to picture and captivating. Keep it up

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