To Be Free

Halima looked through the window,across the field towards the fence behind which promised the freedom she had itched for for a long while. She went to the door at the opposite end of the room and placed her ears on its steel. No sound. No one passing.

Quickly she ran back to the window and snatched out two steel thin-rimmed bars that took over three weeks to sever with spoons she stole when she was served meals.

She looked towards the door once more,this time through the opening, to catch the tear-filled eyes of a girl in the cell opposite hers.

“Allah Akbar” Halima whispered as she quickly leaped through the window,adrenaline rushing through her body.

As she landed, her cell door opened.

“Shit!” That was the last thing she needed at that moment. She ran. She could not mask out the noises of panic behind her, and she prayed freedom as each bold step told her she was almost there.

Whack! A large fist connected with the side of her face. In a brief moment,her reality was all white, a reality better than that within the walls she tried to escape.

Her eyes opened once again,connecting with a familiar ceiling.

“No!…No!…No!” She screamed in her mind,her lips too weak to move. She was so close,almost made it…but almost doesn’t get you freedom.

“She is ok sir. She is all yours.” One of the guards said to a man well dressed in a suit with a kempt beard.

The ‘gentleman’ gestured for all except the girl to leave the room.

The silence was deafening. She could barely move as she was bound to the bed.

He unbuckled his belt and opened his shirt. Tears rolled down her eyes and she begged. The same routine.

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