That Song

Does anyone know that song?!That melody that hushes anger to halcyon 

Bringing with it the desperation to forgive 

And melting the icy grudges we harbor against one another 

Without thinking I would learn the notes 

To that song that brings happiness to the children homeless 

To the little ones that scavenge because more money is put into violence 

The notes that will be the father to the child abandoned 

Teach me the song that’ll mend broken hearts 

That will teach a man to love..he who has been emotionally inept 

That lovers delight that makes them sink deeper into each others eye

That tune the lonely dance to and forget the world 

I listen to others heart beat while mine stays silent

It would dance to nothing but this song I yearn to learn 

O What magnificent ruins my castle walls confine

My heart is almost dead..I need this song to save me.

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