Misplaced Prioritiesย 

Worrying more about the beauty of your castle walls so no ones sees the waste within...rebuild your ruins and make more bridges so the world sees what a beautiful heart means 

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

This was written by Amarachi Goretti, a Nigerian medical student in Ghana. Here is what she has for Nigeria,revised by me.         ********************************************* There is no love greater than that of loving someone despite their imperfections. Nigeria will ALWAYS have my heart no matter how hopeless things seem.Nigeria is a delightful place …

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To Be Free

Halima looked through the window,across the field towards the fence behind which promised the freedom she had itched for for a long while. She went to the door at the opposite end of the room and placed her ears on its steel. No sound. No one passing. Quickly she ran back to the window and …

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