His bottom as high as his climax

His journey to happiness always far
Far where he begun, as far where he his
possessor of all but bliss
Words of love he received in full
Promise of its action none fulfilled
Every breath pleas for a caring mind
To burden his soul with joy surreal
Love is but a whisper he hears
A movie he can only bear
The ones for him are out there
But why haven’t they brought it to his ears
Angered by all that is not nothing
His humanity is lost
His fury growing,for suffering he lusts
His thoughts hellish, his heart ice cold
Everyone has a hand in this evil about to unfold
Evil is borne not only by what we do, but by what we did not do. R.I.P. to all on the German flight deliberately crashed in the French alps by the Co-pilot, rest well.

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