I love nothing more than the agony of war

The fact that my peers take part in them delights me even more

I rue not having the opportunity to be a part of them

To not hold guns and knives to cause mayhem

I love to hear the helpless cry of the assaulted

Written by the assaulter in moving pictures to be broadcast

I love that everyday promises something new

A new declaration of war to fill cemeteries anything but few

Or a new rule sidelining the ‘minorities’ 

Whose only mistake was being born at the wrong place or with the wrong pigments

Which still does not make them anything less human

But it is just beautiful to watch them suffer cruelly 

I love that there are more refugee camps than schools

Running away is in vogue now, forget the books

When I walk through time I find more used ammunitions than used pencils 

Because the joy I desire my gun fulfills

Even religion has caused the lives of innocent souls

 Bodies of harmless people float in blood pools

Not because they spread the gospel

But because they don’t serve the god of the one holding the barrel

I’ll love to have a shotgun so I can proclaim the word of my God

If I kill enough people he will be happy with what I have done

The list of the beautiful things of my world goes endless

A place to die for in all its glory and mess

Put the meanings of my words in front of a mirror

And see why the lucky one is the husband of a widow


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