My Valentine

The day of lovers! This day is here
A day where every piece moved lays intentions bare
You,my darling, already know my love is clear
But I would always prove it, everything outrageous I would dare
The day of lovers! Should there only be a day for such?
You hold my heart always,always you shall receive love much
Your smile and beautiful flaws have in my brain been scorched
That is what I get from an overdose of love’s punch
The day of lovers! My love says she is happy true love is extant
I tell her I am to, and that an eternity of my love should be expectant
I tell her I still search for a gift befitting of how she makes me feel so pleasant
And that I would make this story of our love history’s best act
The day of lovers! I have the best of all lovers
Someone who everyday breaks the boundaries of awe and wonders
In her absence, about her my mind always wanders
Her presence makes the heart feel like it’s burned down to ash and cinders
The day of lovers! I always look forward for this
To have moments of silence that proclaim volumes of our bliss
Another day to commemorate on what many others miss
Another special day…just I and loneliness.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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