What happened to us
What happened to our near perfect nature
What happened to being higher animals
Slowly we are drifting to a chaotic co-existence
Drifting to the natural order of disorder we once escaped
Many speak only with their eyes
Because their lips are too heavy to speak of their torment in life
Learning to swim in the ocean of tears that keeps rising
Always finding reasons to resist self-inflicted death
Many are not free to express themselves
They cannot let their creativity explore any longer
Because their minds and mouth are cursed to silence by the shrapnel and ammunition of war and terrorism
Nowadays we are controlled by who has the cold barrel
Many times we are stabbed by those we gave the knife to to defend us
Bonds of trust and love that once kept every religion,race and society unified…destroyed
By mere misunderstandings,corruption,extremism,ego,selfishness and foolishness
Some say we all came from ONE man
Others say we all came from ONE exploding particle
The point is we all started as ONE
Yet we injure ourselves and we do not know it
Why do we kill each other, both in physicality and in the psyche?
What happened to the soothing whispers of peace?
How did our world become so broken?

My sympathy and heart-felt wishes go to the families of the victims of the shooting at the magazine company ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris. #jesuischarlie

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