I once found myself in troubled water
Troubling even more was that I was ignorant and I didn’t falter
I ventured as I pleased, it was my ship
I had indulged worse, why then should my heart skip?
From the starry night came a huge wave out of the blue
So sudden, so quick, but as well meek
Such a hurdle, I had never faced, my brain and body were weak.
As sudden as it came,so did it vanish
no harm came to me physically, but otherwise, I was vanquished
It left words on the nearby shore, words meant for me
“Leave this path, this is your final warning”
I knew who the wave was, but I knew not why he showed mercy
I wasn’t the prettiest of personalities, my erase would be life’s party
As if that wasn’t enough, he opened a path for me to return
Had I taken the path I wished, I would have been the enemy’s fun
And so I pondered while I steered through the calm waters
Why the real owner of this ship would show such kindness
I had set his trust in me ablaze, and thrown his respect to foul grounds
Yet somehow mercy and compassion for me he found
I reached my journey’s point, welcomed by the one himself
The entity of peace, the embodiment of perfection
At once, down on my knees, I bowed
My loyalty belongs to no other
My past ways I have fossilized to begin anew
The ship is my life, and it should be in no place but his abode
Where I sit right now to write this poem of how grace found me!

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