234 flowers

I wrote this poem a long time ago..but just decided to upload it now..hope u like it…here it goes

All that beauty
All that grace
Splendor like never seen before
Falling leaves,rising roses
The sight so magnificent
I’m in love with what I see
It’s diversities, it’s hercules might
This had to be created by the author of time
The one that controls my biological clock
The eternal sunlight makes it impossible to hide it’s glory
The glory that brings with it the aura of love
This is a masterpiece
I find myself deeply engrossed with every moment
Esto es perfecto
This is perfect
What I see?!
A garden admired by all
I close my eyes to savour the moment
The images of the breath-taking scenery playing in my head like a slideshow
With Celine Dion’s my heart will go on playing in the background
I open my eyes,something is wrong
Weeds among the flowers
The once eternal sunlight fades to darkness
What is going on?!
The garden silent,but it’s serenity lost
My heart begins to crinkle
What I see next tears my heart
Some flowers r missing
I quickly count
Every number a dagger through my chest
No,this can’t be!
Such aesthetic work in shambles
I try not to cry,I have never cried
And i won’t start now
But then a silent tear falls
And then another
Please bring back our flowers
Ku zo da mu yarinya
Kpogachite anyi umunwanyi anyi
Mu pada wa omobirin
Trear DE Vuelta a Nuestra Chica
Ramener notre filles
Bring back our girls!!!


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