Me: [Taps the mike twice] ok..i’ll like to start off by saying welcome to this enthralling new show. Im Steve Oguguo Nwokeocha Jr by name..on instagram im known as theaverage_steve…on twitter im……….naaaa…that handle is so ratchet..still trying to figure out how to change my handle..thats the only reason its even there sef..buh I will tell you when I do aii?!….anyway im in the University of Nigeria studying medicine and surgery..(please abeg make una pray for me)..im in a family of five..a wonderful couple and three adorable kids..as u can see from d picture, and im the deputy assistant bread winner of the family…:D ..So are there any questions?
Pretty lassie 1: So uummm.. what made you resolve to create this blog?
Me: Well..you see my dear good ol’ lassie.. I’ve been thinking…why have all these crazy adventures and life conundrums when no one except your fellow chaps get to experience them?!..you see I do a lot of crazy stuffs yh…so my life is basically juxtaposed with a lot of moments that has added lots of years to my life cause well I heard laughter and happiness adds to your lifespan. I want to give that to the world! Also I want to get answers to my many life confusions.. a problem shared is a problem half solved..am I right or naa?! Finally I think it would make an exciting story to my kids to hear I met their mom on my BlogSpot…lol.. ;)..any further questions?
Funny Lad: Did you open this blog cause maybe a group of your friends did theirs?!
Me: [A loud guffaw] Well…im not actually sure of that..I’ve been thinking of creating one for some time now.. I was only contemplating how it was going to affect my studies and stuff..buh probably the fact that dope, beautiful and 100% fresh friends of mine having their blogs and are still academically sound probably overcame my initial inertia towards this. Any more questions?!.
Pretty lassie 2: Ummm…this question might sound awkward though.
Me: Nooo…go ahead…your pretty btw..;)
Pretty lassie 2: [Giggles] thank you…can I have your number please?! [puppy dog eyes]
Me: Oh….I see…why don’t we meet after this so I could do that and maybe take you out for dinner. Saying my number here might expose me to some creeps…hows that?! [That James Bond look 😉 ]
Pretty lassie 2: [Laughs] Ok..that sounds great.
Me: Ooowwkay….that concludes my first post…hope you enjoyed it.. always smile and be happy…life is too short to be angry or sad.. one person out of about 7 billion shouldn’t ruin your day..they will die anyway.. Think about it. Sha until next time…
Ta-ta….Steve N. J.

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